About Me

I'm an Underground Geotechnical Engineer, work at Papua, Indonesia. Love photography, hiking and tracking. All the photos contained in this blog is captured by me or hand from friend but still using my camera. I'm not professional photographer (however I wish I could be in the future), own Canon 60D, Tamrom 17-50 non VC, Canon 70-200L non IS, Yongnuo 568 EX II, Beike Tripod and some filters. I will try to post in English version although I'm not really good on it, and give me some shot if any failure in grammar or sentences, I will fix that as soon as I can. In this blog I will also try to present a few things about mining, especially underground mine. You also can contact me through email: fadlan_maulana[at]yahoo.co.id. Enjoy the blog. Terimakasih, thank you. :) 

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